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Plans as an ebook

Posted by Sandy 
Plans as an ebook
March 31, 2018 07:02PM
For those of you who purchased a MRB password to access to the online plans there is now an ebook version of the Honky Dory plans, inside the "online-plans" area.

There is no such ebook version for the Beavertail or Buffalo Boat yet, but they are in the works. It's a lot of work on my part so I'm not making any promises about how long the Beavertail and Buffalo Boat ebooks will take, other than it will happen eventually.

The Honky Dory is already there. You don't need to install any software, you just click the Ebook link inside the plans area and there it is.

Please let me know about any glitches. I'll be editing and re-editing this ebook in the days to come. So it will be changing on the fly. For a while anyway.
Re: Plans as an ebook
April 03, 2018 06:50PM
A substantially edited new (newer than a week ago) version of the Honky Dory plans are now in the online plans area, available to those who have purchased a password.

The text is richer and there are far more images, which helps a lot. The old web-pages version of the plans are still there but not for much longer. The ebook format version is far far better.

Re: Plans as an ebook
April 03, 2018 11:25PM
The Beavertail plans are now an Ebook too
Re: Plans as an ebook
April 05, 2018 01:29PM
I like the EReader format. Much easier to follow. Great Job Sandy.
Re: Plans as an ebook
April 05, 2018 10:03PM
Thank you!

There will be gradual edits to those files. This is an evolving project.

For what it's worth: There are Epub editors you can buy and at least one open source free one, that are a bit like a word processor except the file they save is a specially formatted one, a file saved in "epub" format.

You can download epub files to an ebook reading device like a Kindle or a Pad or a Phone, if that phone has an ebook reading "app" added to it.

What I'm doing is copying that epub file up to the webserver where software I wrote turns it into web pages on the fly.

That's ............. a big deal. That's not easy to do.

I'll make those epubs downloadable too eventually, so you can read them inside your "hand held device." But that's several months off yet. I need to finish editing them off first. In the mean time the gradually changing versions are online now, as web pages......if and only if you bought a password.

Once done, maybe I can sell them on Amazon and Google Play Books. Who knows. We'll see.
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