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LineX bottom

Posted by Sandy 
LineX bottom
June 22, 2018 06:15PM
Whether to LineX on the bottom of a stitch and glue boat is a frequently asked question. I've never done it.

I recently patched the chine on a pure glass over Plascore hull that was ten years old. The repair was a snap. I just don't see the need for LineX.

Some people say LineX "sticks to the rocks."
Here's what my buddy Michael (aka Snorider) just said:

"I just spent 2 days removing line-x some dude sprayed on the bottom of my "big hole drifter" it patched the hole but that stuff sticks on rocks so bad you'll spill yer beer."

So. There you have it.
Re: LineX bottom
August 10, 2018 03:18PM
I dont know where all these sticky rocks are where you anti-bedliner guys float. ;-)
I understand the ease of repair without it, but I now have 6 seasons on my Durabak covered Skiff bottom and I've only had a couple spots where I've had to touch up the durabak from hard hits, scrapes etc .. and even one accidental slide off the trailer and down a concrete boat ramp and I can tell you 150% that I would be doing many, many more glass only repairs without it.
I recently spent 4 days on the Elk river up in Fernie and every day we were bobsledding my boat down about 50 yards of sharp boulder filled trickling stream just to get on the water. I helped multiple Clacks and Hydes etc get to the water over the 4 days and I can say for sure my boat slid just as easily (or easier) as any gel coated bottom.
I understand they all have places and each owner and water they row is different but when I built mine I was very nervous about using bedliner based on others opinions but decided if Cajune uses it so can I, and I can say that I'm very happy I used a bedliner product.
Re: LineX bottom
August 10, 2018 06:04PM
Cool. I have not used it so I don't really know.

I do want to make a rapid mockup boat someday with Plascore and 3m 5200 adhesive from a caulking gun. And then Linex.
Re: LineX bottom
February 07, 2019 07:43PM
I too have the bottom protected with a bed liner product. I don't think it sticks to rocks any more than anything else does except bare aluminum which is by far the worst. I have the Duplicolor bedliner W/ Kevlar, on the bottom, it's a water based product and is with out a doubt the toughest stuff I've ever used, for boat anchors, pickup truck beds +, boat bottoms and whatever. The most important thing it does is protect the integrity of the composite. Scratches in the resin invite water to compromise the structure. Every scratch weakens the structure. Repairs are not tough, a flap sander on an angle grinder and you take off the top surface where you would in any repair. As far as LineX, I've found the dealers are far to proud of what they do. A gallon can / kit of Duplicolor is a little over C note and the last quote I got from LineX to do the boat was $700. Now I'm very close to the Microsoft campus where all prices are bit inflated but that's the price for a bed liner job too. It's kind of like Franks Red Hot Sauce, "I put that @#$% on everything.". It just works. and it goes on real easy and if you want, it comes is small cans too. I do the edges of my oar blades, really saves them!
Re: LineX bottom
April 05, 2019 11:13PM
Ive used DIY Raptor spray on bedliner with really good results. Not sticky on rocks at all..... Overall Im happy with the product. Very similar to LineX and about half the price.
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