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Cutting plascore

Posted by blakejd 
Cutting plascore
August 15, 2018 05:17PM
Well I'm finally about ready to build and install bulkheads for the decked plascore honky dory. When I was building the sides of the hull a couple years ago I fiberglassed a single side with 10oz fiberglass and the ripped the two sides out of that. It cut without a problem. Now I'm considering glassing up a full 4x8 sheet of plascore on both sides with 12oz biaxial and cutting the bulkheads directly from that piece rather than cutting the shape first and then fiberglassing each side. It just seems less labor intensive my way. Does anyone have experience cutting cutting plascore in this way? Anything I'm overlooking?

Re: Cutting plascore
August 16, 2018 11:20AM
Wear a mask. The nasty dust is the only real drawback.

I prefer to cut the Plascore before glassing. I let the glass run wild 1 or 2 inches past the edges of any panel I'm applying glass to.

If you deal with that extra glass too late it's a pain the ass. But if you come back a few hours later (how hot is it? Which hardener do you use?) when the glass is tack free but still soft and rubbery you can trim it with a sharp sheetrock knife. Lickedy split.
Re: Cutting plascore
August 18, 2018 03:31AM
Yeah Sandy I’ve made the mistake of letting the glass dry completely a couple times. I find it cuts pretty easily with an oscillating cutter but cutting glass burns through even tungsten carbide blades pretty fast.
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