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Boat Repair - Slide Rite Chine

Posted by Chris Patterson 
Boat Repair - Slide Rite Chine
November 21, 2018 02:50PM
My buddy scored an excellent deal on a lightly used Slide Rite drift boat. He took it out for a row and found that it was leaking but he could not tell where the leak was. I helped him inspect the bottom and chines and we found where the boat had taken a blow on the starboard chine just forward of where the front standing deck ends. This boat has the level front floor deck and the damage cannot be seen from the inside because it is under that deck. You can see cracks in the gel coat from the outside but they really do not look too bad. We put a couple of gallons of water into the boat and sure enough, it drips right out at the damaged area.

So the issue is that we cannot get to the damage from the inside without removing the entire front floor. I am wondering if we can do a "good enough" repair from the outside only. Specifically, sanding off and out the damaged chine and then filling the chine with glass and epoxy and making it blend in the best we can. I know we can stop the leak but will it be strong enough to handle the next blow?

Does anyone have any experiences that they could share? Recommendations?

I found this thread on ifish.net which seems to be sound advice: https://www.ifish.net/board/showthread.php?t=1438642

I will post pictures once we get this project started.
Re: Boat Repair - Slide Rite Chine
November 22, 2018 12:04AM
An outside only patch will probably be fine. Turn the boat upside down. Sand the busted area. Gouge the cracks a little somehow someway. Use heated epoxy resin (so it's thin) so it soaks into the cracks. Then trowel on some thickened putty. Then put a fabric patch or two on the outside.

You could expose the inside by using a 4" inch hole cutter on a big drill, right above the damage area, into the platform. I'd probably do that but I am that way....

After patching the inside, through the 4" hole, you could patch the standing platform with a piece of milk carton plastic and maybe some double sided tape, just to hold it there momentarily. Then hot glue the edges so the plastic was firmly in place. Then build up a fiberglass patch with resin and circles of roving, placing them on top of the milk jug bottom to the 4" inch hole.
Re: Boat Repair - Slide Rite Chine
November 22, 2018 12:35AM
I like your idea of using a hole saw to get to the inside. I will feel better about the patch if I do that and not just patch the outside.

Thanks, Sandy!
Re: Boat Repair - Slide Rite Chine
November 22, 2018 12:26PM
Re....patching a 4" inch hole

Hot glue two chopsticks on the disk left by the hole cutter., so it can't fall through. Now glue it in place....
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