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A question about the 49" bottom on the Beavertail

Posted by Sandy 
A question about the 49" bottom on the Beavertail
December 29, 2018 07:53PM
Someone sent email today. I'd rather have these questions on the forum where the discussion can benefit a wider audience. So I'm transferring the question to here.

The email:
".........and am pretty sure I will enjoy building your Beavertail design. I was considering the 48" bottom design but may go with the 56" bottom boat. My dumb question is, in the 48" bottom boat your drawings for the temporary ribs station #3 has a 49 1/4" bottom dem. How does that work with 48" material? Do I need to scarf to the bottom material to make a wider bottom board? In the 56" bottom wide boat, station 3 is 57 7/16". Am I missing something?"

Me in response:
The Beavertail is made with side panels from a 4x16 foot panel. The gunwale is 16' long but the bottom is mostly less than 48" wide. The one widest spot in the middle is 49" inches long. After you put the side panels on all the formers you find the bottom panel is 1/2" inch too narrow on both sides of the middle. This was just my way of getting a smooth gently curving chine on the widest boat I could squeeze out of plywood, without side scarfing.

I fill that 1/2" sliver with tapered table saw ripping and epoxy putty. That part of the boat (the chine) gets buried under lots of glass anyway, inside and out. In the end you don't even know it's there.

RE the bigger version. The Bigger Beavertail has side panels cut from a 4x18' foot panel. That means you have to make a 4x16 panel and then scarf on an additional 2' feet.

This is the same as the 15' foot boat scaled up proportionately, so the widest part of the bottom is now substantially wider than 48" inches. So yes. To make the bottom panel you have to scarf a bit more onto both sides of the bottom panel, in the middle section of the panel. The bigger boat is a lot more work. I'm making one now. I'm 70 and retired. This project is taking forever. I enjoy lazy now. Fish a lot. Go birding. Do photography. Work on my boat about 3 hours a week. I'll be rowing it in April. This one I'm working on isn't a Beavertail it's a decked white water boat with an 18' foot gunwale, with a 66" inch bottom. I'm looking forward to rowing it but the bigger boats are a hell of a lot more work.
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