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Chine Repair

Posted by rhbridgeman 
Chine Repair
January 24, 2019 07:46PM
I am repairing my skiff with plywood patches, and need to know what type of fiberglass tape to order for the chine repair. I think I used a 6" heavy triaxial tape inside and out when I built the boat, but don't know where to begin looking for it. Could you provide the specs?
Re: Chine Repair
January 25, 2019 02:54AM
I use Raka. If I don't find it on their website I call. Larry retired but not much has changed. They still answer the phone and all questions are answered. Their resin does have a tendency to crystalize if it get below freezing for too long. I built a 2" inch thick foundation foam chamber on one level of a stand of metal shelves, on wheels, that I got at Costco.

Duct-taped to the inside of that chamber is a plug-in pipe heating strap I got at the hardware store. I keep the resin plugged in for most of the winter.

There are many resin sources and some to like, for instance System III better than Raka. But Raka is hard to beat for fabrics tapes and fillers.
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