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Interesting skin boats

Posted by Sandy 
Interesting skin boats
January 25, 2019 06:38PM
Two interesting skin boats links here:

It's not clear to me how to use these ideas as a dory builder. But the smoke is starting to waft out of my ears.

These boats have lightweight frames with a heavy-duty nylon stretched over, and I think tightened up with a heat gun. Then you roll on a two part polyurethane? I have to read more.

At the very least this might be an excellent way to make semi-flexible seat tops.

A dory could be decked this way too. I'm not sure how that would work...how you'd get in and out of the boat without putting your foot through. There is always a solution.

I want a decked boat where it's easy to put the deck on and take it off again. This might be a way to do that.
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