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Don Hill 17ff

Posted by Ddsrod 
Don Hill 17ff
January 29, 2019 04:48AM
I am new to this forum. I started this boat build in July. My plan is to use it in Idaho on the Henry’s Fork. I most likely will set it up with three seats. Does anyone have pictures or advice on how to deviate from the plans to accomplish this. ( the plans show a (moveable)front bench seat and a slightly aft of center rowers seat. I would like to have a fishing/seating position behind the rower.

Re: Don Hill 17ff
January 30, 2019 02:48AM
Don Hill's boats (like the Keith Steele and many others) were designed to trim properly with one or two passengers on the front seat, with no one behind the rower.

That arrangement puts the payload as close as is possible to the center of the boat, which is best for tricky water.

If you do want someone behind the rower you have to slide the seats forward. Way forward. Most of those boats are also narrower in the tail because nobody ever thought they'd have much weight back there.

Many of those guys used wooden rails or galvanized pipe to make a rail for the seats to slide on, forward or back. To accomodate a rear-seated fly fisherman you just have to make those rails a bit longer, so there is now enough adjustement.

To get a Don Hill or a Keith Steele to really trim properly, with a rear-seated fly fishing bozo, like myself, it helps to make the front deck smaller too, so there is more room to slide that front seat forward.

When I'm outfitting a new boat with seats for the first time I usually make the seats, perhaps a bit too wide at first. Then put those seats on top of cardboard boxes so I can gaze at it for a few days. Adjust things this way and that. Use a beer can for a temporary shim. When I'm confident it looks right I start to cut wood.
Re: Don Hill 17ff
February 04, 2019 03:44PM
thank you for the info
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