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Cajune varnish?

Posted by Erik Myre 
Cajune varnish?
January 31, 2019 08:14PM
Anyone have any idea what Jason uses for varnish? And what his application method is? Spray I assume but is it Airless.? HVLP? etc.

I've tried to get an answer from him directly numerous times but alas no reply.
Re: Cajune varnish?
February 01, 2019 02:47AM
Jason used to use a 2 part clear "Marine" polyurethane with a well-known name. I can't remember which one. It's expensive stuff.

I was never able to see how the two part marine polyurethanes where any different or in any way better than two part automotive polyurethanes. When I spray I use automotive finish.

For what little it's worth I only use color. If I want something like a natural wood look I use oil on bare wood. You can slobber it on twice a year. With a brush.

I have mixed feelings about the two part polyurethanes. They are the toughest finishes and a well-sprayed finish (lightly with many coats, light sanding in between) looks like a million bucks.

But it will get scuffed. Boats take a much harder pounding than cars. And then you have to spray.

You can brush on or roll and tip marine alkyds (like Petitt Easy Poxy) and clean up with paint thinner. It's not as tough as a two part polyurethane. But close enough.
Re: Cajune varnish?
February 01, 2019 06:16AM
One more note. It's been so long since I last used a two.pert linear polyurethane i forgot the most important issue
They are extremely toxic. People who do it for a living are encouraged to wear gas masks and hazmat suits
Re: Cajune varnish?
February 02, 2019 12:11AM
Bristol Finish is what Jason use to use. Don't know if he still does.

I use System III spar urethane to varnish over clear epoxy. Gives a nice finish.

I've also experimented with General Finishes water based exterior polyurethane - Exterior 450. I would use it but it needs 60 or 65 degree temps, and I can't expect that in my typical coastal CA fog. If hot....like 90 plus....it will dry too fast in my judgement.

Mostly I paint. Just leave enough bright to give the impression of a wooden boat.

For what its worth. I have a skiff 14 x 54/78 about half done, one-off of a Koffler Rocky Mountain Trout boat. I will post pictures when completed. Per this post, I committed complete sacrilege and painted the exterior with watrbased acrylic (aka latex) house paint. Turned out just fine. Not as shiney but almost as smooth as EZpoxy. Two coats and two days to complete the whole job.

Only time will tell if this was a reasonable decision, but cost, time, hazardous solvents, etc made the job easier with Benjamin Moore exterior Aurora.
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