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Don Hill Custom Drift Boat Plans

Posted by DonHill 
Don Hill Custom Drift Boat Plans
March 11, 2019 05:47PM
I just want to set the record straight, Don Hill Boat Plans is still in business, selling the original McKenzie River Drift Boat Plans. The plans that don't require a strong back, just make the parts and put them together and you have a drift boat.
Re: Don Hill Custom Drift Boat Plans
March 12, 2019 03:26AM
Hey hey Don:

Actually my boats don't need a strongback either. It's just a term that means "temporary ribs." I make my ribs with chip board. I put it all together the same way you do but then I fiberglass the outside. The only difference is I throw the ribs away.

Don did someone say you aren't in business? I didn't. You make cool boats. I've rowed a few and like them a lot. We met in West Yellowstone once. I had two boats. One was my little square ended Buffalo Boat. We shook hands. You smiled and said "cool boat." I thought the same about yours.

I still feel that way.
Re: Don Hill Custom Drift Boat Plans
March 12, 2019 03:33AM
Ooops. Don Hill is ......... Don left us three years ago. Who are you? This is getting interesting.

david@riverbird.com ? Who are you?
Who is davide291@me.com?

What relationship do you have to the late Don Hill?

I'll do some digging. This could be fun.
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