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36 year old Buffalo Boat

Posted by Sandy 
36 year old Buffalo Boat
April 19, 2019 09:33PM
It's a long story. I built a Beavertail and a Buffalo Boat back in 1983 for a Missoula MT Orthodontist named Jess Frisbee. Jess died in a car wreck and I ended up with the old Buffalo Boat. I sold it to a buddy named Burt who kept it upside down for 12 years in his brother's back yard. The hull was fine but there were no seats and it does need a paint job. Now Burt's brother wants his back yard back so Burt decided to give me the boat. I'll fix it up. I told Burt he can use it any time he wants. Giving it to me means Burt will actually get to use the boat. And so will I.

Buffalo Boats are cool. They are so so fast. Spin on a dime. Hold steady in fast water. Do just about anything. I lent one to Al Troth for a month, way back when. Al liked the boat but said its sides were too high to get under the old Hildreath Bridge on the Beaverhead. Al's son Erik said it was the only boat he'd ever rowed that could go back upstream under the high bridge on the Beaverhead.

This one's still in remarkably good shape. I'm thinking I'll cut the gunwales off and maybe chop the sides down a bit with a skillsaw and deck it, in order to make a two person sit on top fishing boat that also doubles for white water--a boat that's easy for old people to step on and step off of. Be like a big Dayak. Somewhat like an extra extra fat and wide SUP board.

Re: 36 year old Buffalo Boat
April 23, 2019 12:57AM
I can't wait to see it!

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