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McKenzie to Beavertail conversion?

Posted by Steelheader 
McKenzie to Beavertail conversion?
May 27, 2019 01:11AM
I built a 16’ McKenzie drifter. 48” wide bottom. More often than not I find I’m floating with 3 people and it squats the back end in the water and can’t row back upstream for snags, etc. Thinking about chopping the back end off and converting it to a Beavertail. Wondering if this is a dumb idea or not? In hindsight for my use I would’ve built a 56” wide Beavertail.
Re: McKenzie to Beavertail conversion?
May 27, 2019 11:56AM
I knew a carpenter's apprentice, way back when, who had his Chevy Nova rear ended. He bought a Nova at the junk yard that had been front ended. Cut them both apart and welded the two good halves together.

Trouble is he got it a bit crooked on the frame so his car always looked like it was changing lanes, even when heading straight down the highway.

Not sure how you'd do what you want without making new side panels. I'll think about it. Do you have a framed wooden boat or stitch and glue?

With stitch and glue you could glue styrofoam onto the boat, shape it with a sureform file the way they make surfboards. And then glass the shite out of it.........so you'd just be adding a bit more width in the upstream end, which is either the bow or the stern depending on who you're talking to.
Re: McKenzie to Beavertail conversion?
May 27, 2019 05:38PM
I did all Plascore. I’ll have to mock it up in cardboard. Looking like it would take more work than I was initially thinking. I made high sides so if I didn’t scallop the rear gunwales down they would be about 35”.
Re: McKenzie to Beavertail conversion?
May 27, 2019 07:35PM
You could (think about) trying the following

Beat the front deck out, with a sledge, sawsall and right angle grinder.

Rebuild the front deck so it is small and crammed in closer to the front end.

Rebuild the front seat and rower's seat mounts so both seats can slide further forward.

Move the oarlock pins that much further forward too, as far as they can go without the handles hitting the front passengers.

..........now it should trim better, even with someone behind the rower.

That's basically what I do with the Honky Dory. The Beavertail and Buffalo Boat have symmetrical bottoms so they don't need to cram the payload forward, if and when you have someone behind the rower.
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