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Finishing fiberglass

Posted by Sandy 
Finishing fiberglass
June 28, 2019 12:59PM
I built my house the summer of 1986. Our idea was to live in it six months and flip it. A few years later I'd be a millionaire contractor and housing developer. Now it's 33 years later and we're still living in it. So we never flipped the house and somehow I never quite became a millionaire.

I had the tapers smooth finish the sheetrock. I thought the new knockdown texture finished walls that were starting to get popular then were for lazy people who didn't have high standards. Now I know better. Textured sheetrock is faster and easier to prepare but it lasts just fine, looks just fine and it's easier to patch if anything ever gets dinged. Smooth sheetrock always looks bad in a glancing light. Textured sheetrock looks fine in a glancing light. It has a zillion chaotic shadows but it's supposed to look that way.

So here's my point. Smooth automotive quality fiberglass is an art form. It takes days and days of body work and elbow grease to get it ready to spray. And it's a giant pain the ass to repair. If you try but don't do good work it looks like a skin disease after you spray it.

What does look just fine is not prepping fiberglass much at all. Hand lay your glass. The bottom might get six layers but the sides usually have one layer only.

Sand it ever so slightly once the resin is hard. That's it. It looks like a knockdown texture on sheetrock now, with a little pebbly stuff in between the knockdown flat spots. Paint it that way. If you sand too much it looks like you tried to hide what it was and failed. If you hardly sand at all it is what it is. And it isn't bad at all.

You just took a week off the build time and it's still a good boat. The inside bare roving surface of a factory molded boat is rougher yet.
Re: Finishing fiberglass
July 21, 2019 02:12PM
I'm new to the forum and new to the idea of rowing boats backwards. It stands to reason that at least some part of building these boats should also be backwards...Knockdown Texture, eh? lol
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