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Posted by DonTyson 
July 29, 2019 07:00PM
Where do I find cheap oars?

Easton, Pa
Re: Oars
July 29, 2019 08:36PM
Try to find spruce oars from British Columbia. Ray's River Dories might be a source. They used to be.
Re: Oars
July 29, 2019 08:52PM
I'll check. Thanks
Re: Oars
July 30, 2019 02:30PM
Are 9' absolutely necessary?
Re: Oars
July 30, 2019 02:49PM
I found cheap oars. $82.
Now if someone would tell me how to buy and set up the the oarlocks. I see that most home builders chose the simple open top type but how are the oars kept in the oarlock and are the oarlocks pinned against pulling out?
Re: Oars
July 31, 2019 10:52PM

Dan Lohmiller who is co-owner of the River's Edge in Bozeman (two stores now) built one of my boats 30 years ago. From a kit (which I no longer sell). Dan's a smart guy. He helped build a highly successful business. And among other things Dan makes his own oars.

You can make the shafts out of triangular strips glued together, somewhat like an enormous bamboo fly rod. And then scarf that onto some laminated tips. Dan goes one step further and nips off the points of the triangles, so his oar shafts are hollow core.

I've never made oars. I've been tempted but it's hard to learn new tricks when you are perpetually three months behind in other projects already.
Re: Oars
August 01, 2019 12:34AM
Dan seems ultimately qualified. I've always wanted to make my own oars but wow they're complicated.


Re: Oars
August 01, 2019 08:08PM
1) It seems with composite oars that the blades are often removable. Are these blades universal to all manufacturers shafts? In other words if I fly with my blades to a destination where they have shafts can I use my blades there? Are two piece shafts to be avoided?

2) Are there really big advantages to composite oars vs wood for casual users in calm rivers? I do like the feel of wood.....

3) when Sandy says I will need a certain size oar and I buy some composite models, must I subtract the length of the blade from the shaft length? For example He said I will need 9' oars for the Buffalo. Does that mean I should buy a 7' shaft and a 24" blade?
Re: Oars
August 02, 2019 12:16PM
Oar length is overall. Yes a 9' foot composite probably has a 7' foot shaft.

I own only wooden oars. I have one pair of old ash oars someone gave me because one was so bowed it looked.....impossible to fix. I put that oar flat on my concrete garage floor for a year and it straightened out.

I've rowed plenty of composite oars on river trips, in other boats. They're OK. My main complaint is the tips are not buoyant, so if you let go of the handles the tips go down and the handles go up. For some reason that annoys me. Most wooden oars have a bit of flex in the shafts and I like how that feels. But I don't think it really matters.

For the Buffalo Boat you probably want 8-1/2' foot oars. Dayak too.
Re: Oars
August 02, 2019 02:56PM
Doesn't look all that hard. Not all that easy either. We need a 48 hour day amendment.

This is for interest's sake. Are hollow core oar shafts somehow better than solid? Beats me. They wood be lighter.

Re: Oars
August 02, 2019 04:21PM

Uh oh! looks like something is starting in the old shed.

Easton, Pa
Re: Oars
August 02, 2019 04:24PM
I really appreciate you sharing this as in the past I wouldn't have known how to break this downing mananable steps. The hollow shaft still seems scary but least it should float.
Re: Oars
August 19, 2019 12:51PM
Sandy you mentioned that 8.5' oars may work for the Buffalo. What size would be best for the Beavertail and Honky Dory?
Would it be bad to buy that size now and use it on the Buffalo. Is it possible to have oars that are too long?
Re: Oars
August 19, 2019 08:05PM
I like 9' foot oars for standard HD and Beavertail. 9 foot six for the bigger ones made with 18'foot side panels.
Re: Oars
August 19, 2019 08:36PM
So would 9’ be okay for the Buffalo?

And I was quite serious......does the smaller transom always go upstream when fishing the buffalo?
Re: Oars
August 19, 2019 09:27PM
9' foot fine. I used it that way for years. Now I have some 8-1/2' Smokers and I like them for the BB.

The small transom usually goes upstream but if you have to get home against a strong upstream wind you'll end up turning 180 degrees so you can pull on the oars going downstream. It works both ways.
Re: Oars
August 19, 2019 10:52PM
Alright. That’s what i thought. It’s very confusing to me because I’m flying blind never having been near one of these boats before. Earlier in a thread we were joking and then I’m lost.
Back on track.
I may buy 9 footers then. We’ll see.
Re: Oars
August 19, 2019 11:09PM
On a six day Green River trip last May I used 8-1/2' oars for my Dayak. I took a pair of 9' footers as backup. I tried them both. With the 9' footers on the Dayak you have more leverage and can move the boat faster. But there is too much weight on the outside of the oarlocks and you get arm weary faster.

It did occur to me I could put the oarlock pins on little oarlock towers that lean out an additional 6" inches or so, so I could use 9' foot oars and still have a better "inside the oarlocks to outside the oarlocks" weight ratio. So I wouldn't get arm weary so fast. And so I could really put the pedal to the metal when I wanted. There is always a way to make what you've got to work.
Re: Oars
August 19, 2019 11:35PM
Well perhaps I should stick to 8.5 feet as the BB oarlocks appear narrow. does anyone use weight balanced oars?
Re: Oars
August 21, 2019 11:34AM
I like Cobra oarlocks. If you make outrigger oarlock blocks, like these, you get a few extra inches of leverage. And then they're easy to move, if you decide you want it a little further forward or back.

To mold those oarlock blocks I make a quick hack with wood. Then duct tape visqueen tightly to top of the gunwale area. Then slobber epoxy putty onto the backside of the block assembly and clamp it in place. Then walk away.

These oarlock blocks use 3/4" PVC as the liner for the oarlock pin. 3/4" PVC has a 7/8" outside diameter and a 9/16" inch inside diameter. Oarlocks have a 5/8" pin diameter so I use a 5/8" twist drill to bore out the center of the PVC to 5/8" as a first step. Rough up the outside of the pipe with sand paper. Bore a 7/8" hole in the block and glue it to it. They last more or less forever. If the PVC lining ever did wear out it could easily be replaced. I've been doing it this way since the mid 1980s.

Maybe it's 1" PVC. It's the stuff with the 7/8" outside diameter.
Re: Oars
August 21, 2019 12:24PM
I am looking at those Cobras. Do you use Oar-Rights with them? Like what you did with the tubing.

Everything I do no is "on the cheap". I'm using 30$ oarlock rings with gunnel mounts and 6' used oars from the basement. but that is for the Delaware. before I go onto rivers with current I'll want to get the proper oars and locks installed. for this year the seating will be very rudimentary and the locks centered. In the photo you can see a rudimentary layout being measured up and figured out.time to make the real stuff soon.

I like the wide level gunnel that you show in the above photo. What boat is that?

Re: Oars
August 21, 2019 12:27PM
What's an oar right? I doubt I use it.
Re: Oars
August 21, 2019 12:35PM
these jobbers:

Re: Oars
August 21, 2019 12:48PM
Re: Oars
August 21, 2019 01:22PM
Ah those black rubber things. They tend to cause my Rolaids bottle to go empty. Some people actually like them. They force your oar to slide into the oarlock in a right angles to the water position, which makes it impossible to feather the oar orientation in shallow water. And they too often find themselves out of the oarlock when you need to row rfn.

Those spruce oars look great. Thank you for that link.
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