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Posted by DonTyson 
August 01, 2019 10:54PM

This is the drift I hope to take advantage of. Starting at Martins Creek where Cement (Portland cement) was discovered here hundreds of years ago. Slate is also a main product just north of here then down through Sandts Eddy where a Bald Eagle is always watching. Further downside nice riffles and shallow. Just above Easton is some nice solid rock bottom. 10' visibility + when the rains aren't messing around. Lastly, through the two bridges in Easton to the landing at the confluence of the Lehigh River and across from Larry Holmes's Restaurant and near the Crayola Museum. Three Blocks away is where Samuel Phillipes was reported to have invented the Bamboo Flyrod or Cane Rod. Across the Lehigh is the end of the Lehigh Canal which fed the early Iron and Coal industries. It is also the beginning of the Delaware Canal which runs to Philadelphia. Trout, Cats, Walleye, Musky (both type), Pickerel, large and small mouth bass, Stripers, herring, panfish, EEL, what am I missing?
What a cool area to Drift in!
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