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Launch permit vs registration

Posted by DonTyson 
Launch permit vs registration
August 26, 2019 09:44PM
Well, let’s have it, how do we get a launch permit?. Do I need a capacity plate? Would it be better to register it? In order to use PA boat launches I need, as a minimum, a launch permit. Then if I want to cross into NJ, Bernieville(VT), NY and so forth i need a launch permit from their state. They are reciprocal if I register instead.
They are going to ask for an ID#. either way so whats up, how do I handle it?

I bet this has come up before.

Easton, Pa
Re: Launch permit vs registration
August 27, 2019 10:34PM
RE> launch permits and boat ID numbers

Somehow I missed this post.
Boat ID numbers and how they work is State law so it has to vary from state to state.

In Montana we don't need boat registrations for boats without motors. Inboard outboard and, I think, electric trolling motors on homemade boats require a number.

In Montana I go to the County Clerk and Recorder and get a form for registering a homemade boat. They assign me two ugly numbers, something like 12 digits long, as a combination of letters and numbers.

At the hardware store I get stick on decals for the one number.
I go to a lock shop and have the other number embossed onto a small metal plate.

Both the metal plate and the stick-on decals go on the boat. I make an appointment with a highway patrol officer (they only do this one day each week so there is always a line to wait on) and he (the copper) signs my application form, saying "This boat owner put the right numbers on his boat."

So then I go back to the County Clerk and Recorder with my application signed by the highway patrol and they then issue me a title and a piece of paper. Now my boat is legal with a motor on it. I didn't need any of that if I don't have a motor on it.

That's how it works in Montucky. It may be different in Cheesesteak Land.
Re: Launch permit vs registration
August 29, 2019 01:32PM
I went with a Launch permit for now. Like Montucky Penciltucky has a multitiered approach to getting a title, and I understand the need for it, but I want to float this weekend. This is early LaborDay and will be very busy on the river. The kids and Grand kids will be tubing and canoeing right next to me.

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