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Bob's Buffalo boat.

Posted by Bobgraydon 
Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 27, 2019 01:46PM
Bob I split your comments into their own BBoat thread.

After month of planning, reading instructions, gathering material _I'm finally ready to get started. Using 3/4" plascore for both hull and bottom.
I have a few questions

1. Have fabricated forms out of 3/4 plywood- "instructions state use a round over bit" I'm assuming a 3/4 radius round over bit . Is this correct. I have a table saw and could easily cut bevels also if I knew what the angles where.

2. Since I'm using plascore I'm planning on 4 layers of 6 oz fiberglass on the hull sides ( 2 inside and 2 outside) and 6 layers of 10 oz on the bottom ( 4 outside, 2 inside) . I got this from reading the dyak plans. Is this correct
Re: Buffalo boat.
August 27, 2019 04:35PM
Bob we'll have to hookup this winter. We (my wife and I) plan to be Winter Texans this year, from a bit before Christmas on.

Our daughter and her husband both teach English at U of Houston at Victoria. I want to fish for Redfish in the Guadalupe Delta, even though Winter may not be the best time. That's when I'll be there. How is the Guadalupe further up the drainage? In Winter? I have a buddy in Palacios who keeps telling me to come in April or October. Trouble is those are the best months up here too--not counting late June early July anyway.

We hope to be down there for a good two months. Maybe down in the Rio Grande Valley some too.
Re: Buffalo boat.
August 27, 2019 11:41PM
The upper Guadalupe below Canyon Dam has rainbow and brown trout ! TU stocks every year ,but the water coming off the bottom of the lake is cold enough to support a holdover population year round.
The Llano has great bass and panfish .
Victoria puts you in prime redfish territory.
We just bought a place in Rockport , if the drift boat goes well as flats skiff is next.
All goes well ill take you out on the Guadalupeon my new buffalo boat

Got the first16 ft plasters.panel box jointed and dry fitted. Will epoxy in the morning when it's only in the low 90's. Drama hooked me up with tropical hardener
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 28, 2019 02:50AM
I wish we'd bought a place in Rockport right after the hurricane. We drove through in October, two months after the storm. Holy cow. What a mess. However. Some houses became match sticks while others 50' feet away only lost shingles. If you build well...........using twelve inch block with durawall between each course, or sheet framing with 1-1/8" T&G commercial sub-flooring instead of 1/2" inch wafer board.........and if you have real 1-1/2" inch shutters for all windows and doors, you can smile after the storm?
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 28, 2019 05:31PM
have attached photos of dry fit and glue up. Aligned X,Y,Z axis. visqueen above and below then screwed into table. had a little trouble getting the right consistency used micro fibers and silica. tried to wipe up the excess- but will probably need some sanding. Darn spell checker- I meant Raka not drama.

Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 28, 2019 08:01PM
This will be another fun build
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 28, 2019 08:24PM
A question:
When I run the round over bit on the edges of the forms from both sides or just one? Also from all the other plans I've looked at the midships form is 0 bevel-so station 2 does not need beveling. Do stations 1,3 need bottom bevel?.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 28, 2019 09:49PM
Yes the middle one needs no beveling. Most of the rest maybe need it, but as you've noticed, on one side only. The main thing is to get a nice shape with a gently curving chine and gunwale, with now wowies or bumps. I always sight along the edges, and make adjustments if needed.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 29, 2019 01:25PM
I trust you used a saber saw? what type of blade? Do you fill the half open cells when you join then this way?
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 29, 2019 03:53PM
actually used a box cutter with sharp blade-worked ok - wetted out per instruction then filled with thickened resion ( silica and microfibers)packed it in with tongue blade- then when back after set and refilled any gaps and screw holes. Will flip it over and do the same to the bottom when I have another day to work on it. ( Working in Uvalde until through Monday)
Bottom bevel forms 1,3 ?
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 29, 2019 08:35PM
Bottom bevel on 1 and 3? Probably not necessary. When I first started building I made framed boats with permanent ribs. I worked out all the angles and saved them on "table of angles" drawn onto a piece of plywood, and hung it on my shop wall.

Then I got rid of the ribs. I read about Dynamite Payson's boats and figured out how to make drift boats that way. The term Stitch and Glue didn't exist yet so I called them "ribless boats." At some point I gave up the carefully figured angles on the temporary formers and rounded over the edges instead. I do them all that way and haven't tried to figure out when it's needed and when it's not.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 02:30AM
Utility knife? sounds too easy.

Bob that Glass schedule sounds like allot of epoxy and in general allot of work. Why use 6oz? why not use less layers of much heavier cloth? My question is sincere as I've not used heavier than 6 or 10 ounce.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 04:07AM
I couldn't find any info on glassing plascore other than Sandy's Dyak plans which recommended 4 layers on sides and 6 on bottom. I asked the plascore rep too and got a " 4 layer on sides 6 oz ( 2 inside/2 outside) 6 layer on bottom 10oz ( 4 outside and 2 inside)
I was going to use a jig saw but thought WTH I'll try the box cutter and it worked well. Next time I'll use a straight edge instead of cutting along the lines.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 12:18PM
Sounds like fun. I was thinking jig saw or versatool but utility knife is easier yet and a straight edge would really make it clean. Are your sides plascore also?
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 01:11PM
yes making the whole thing out of 3/4 in plascore-It was cheaper than marine plywood- marine ply was $ 75 100 per sheet plus shipping, plascore was $52 sheet and $30 shipping per sheet vi fed ex. Could probably used 1/2 for hull sides - probably over engineered
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 01:23PM
Those are very impressive dollar comparisons. I had no idea.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 01:33PM
What are you looking at in Epoxy needs. For two ply of 6 oz outside and one inside plus all the scarfing, gluing and coating I used just a hair over 4gal. Looks like you'll be around 7gal.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 02:52PM
hard to say for sure went through Raka- 4 gallons of epoxy and 2 gal of "tropical hardener" its pretty hot here in Texas. Shipping way quick 3-4 days so if I need more can get it fairly quickly
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 30, 2019 07:18PM
I like Raka and have used their 610 fast hardener but I normally use the slow 606

I launch this weekend and hope all goes well.

Don't use house paint if you're building a careful and artful piece. It doesn't harden up forever.

Started building 5 weeks ago. Looks great from 100' and up close looks like an old boat that just had a brush with new paint.

Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 31, 2019 04:34AM
looks great to me happy launch day. You going to break a cold one over the bow?
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
August 31, 2019 10:43AM
Well I don't know about that. I might throw a bucket of water on it. Some family members question wether it will actually float........;-)
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 03, 2019 02:39PM
had to back fill some low spots on box joint. Once it sets ready to cut, mark and glass side hull panels. Any guesses as to volume of epoxy to wet out a panel. Don't want to be wasteful.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 03, 2019 03:20PM
Just less than two quarts per side, less for each additional coat of cloth, and even less to fill the weave on the final coat of glass. Make sure you fill the glass well on the outside.

Get the grooved roller. I didn't this time and paid a price for it.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 04, 2019 11:27PM
hull panels cut, layout marks done excess epoxy sanded off. Waiting for my helper to get back from beauty shop to help me lay fiberglass. Hit 101 while is was sanding the panels. Hopefully cooler this evening. Hope to get both inside layers of glass and epoxy done this evening.

Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 05, 2019 01:06AM
Are you in Houston. Humid air is an energy zapper. Those panels look so clean compared to ply. When I glassed my panels I glassed the wrong side on one. Served me right.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 05, 2019 02:02AM
I'm in San Antonio- it's hitting 95 by 10 am - 100's by midafternoon . So working mornings and evenings on my days off. Misestimated fiberglass had to overlap 3 15" laver to get 2 layer on each. Managed to glass the correct sides. Plascore is easy to work with - made all of the cuts with a skill saw and edge guide to make sure the sides/cuts are 90 degrees. haven't figured out why my photos are loading sideways?
Hoping to get tack free in an hour or so then will do 2nd layer of epoxy and glass

Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 05, 2019 03:13AM

Looking to start sourcing materials, and was hopeful for 3/4" Plascore for bottom panel. May I ask where you were able to shop Plascore (and Marine Ply) from? I'm in Arkansas, so not quite so far away. Thanks!

Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 05, 2019 03:55AM
I got mine direct from plascore they'll ship to you just tell them what you want- my 3/4/" plascore 4x8 panels $53/panel- they quoted me 250 for shipping wound up being $150 fed ex freight. use the contact us button on their website. They are very helpful and are quick to answer technical questions. I'm impressed. I've been very happy with Raka too. they recommended their "tropical hardener" due to the high temps here in Texas works great REALLY SLOW to set- 4 hrs still tacky in 90 degree heat. No worries about " pot life"
can't really say about Marine Ply- Sandy recommends EdenSaw Lumber I've looked at their prices seem to be cheaper than other sites- don't know about shipping costs-probably substantial. I opted for all plascore cheaper lighter and more durable. Easy to work.
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 05, 2019 01:10PM
Thanks a ton. Will start to investigate further. Sounds like the deal. I did run across a plascore or nidacore dealer at one point in my browsing that would ship "any size" sheet - I'm quite certain at a premium freight price. But the idea of a 5x16' or even just 5x10' to minimize joining time sounded intriguing.....though a shipping quote will dust that off quickly I'm sure. Again thanks and good luck with the build, looks like it's coming along great!
Re: Bob's Buffalo boat.
September 06, 2019 04:42AM
Joining time was really minimal 30 min to cut the box joints, 30 min to epoxy and glue- modified Sandy's scarfing instruction- aligned and glued joints made sure edges were square then screwed a 12'x48 " piece of plywood over then joint.4 hrs drying 24 hr cure. easy even for a novice builder like me.
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