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Tuesday Sep 3rd server trouble

Posted by Sandy 
Tuesday Sep 3rd server trouble
September 04, 2019 11:28AM
I switched servers yesterday, which required a nameserver change, so the domain name montana-riverboats.com points to a new IP address. MRBoats was up and down all day yesterday. It seems to be working (resolving) properly now. I thought I did this several weeks ago, but the old server was paid for so both continued to run until yesterday. When the obsolete server was physically shut down MRB went dark. It turns out the nameserver (this is complex) was pointing to the new box, as it was supposed to, but the active name server was running on the old box. All because I hadn't made the change correctly. So the website went dark for a few hours yesterday. I got it figured out.

I also bought the domain name montanariverboats.com (without the hyphen in the middle). I should get that to resolve too, in the coming days. I run my own nameserver and I don't really know what I'm doing. So it might take a few daze.

Interesting note: Some Chinese guys using an email address notoriously associated with hacking groups bought the domain name montanariverboats.com (without the hyphen) a few years ago and tried to blackmail me into buying it (the domain name) from them for a thousand dollars. I told them to suck a hairy opium pipe. The name finally went unpaid for and unclaimed a few months ago so I bought it. Now its mine. Whether I like it or not.
Re: Tuesday Sep 3rd server trouble
September 04, 2019 11:51AM
That is a frustrating experience.
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