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mixing epoxy

Posted by Sandy 
mixing epoxy
September 06, 2019 01:39AM
From Izzy Swan on youtube. For mixing epoxy:
Grind off the point of a 1" inch paddle bit and put it in the battery operated drill. Mix away. Throw it in your acetone bucket full of resin covered drywall trowels when you're done (that part from me).

youtube is an amazing source. I like William Ng too. And Jeremy Fielding. And quite a few others.
Re: mixing epoxy
September 06, 2019 11:19AM
That works so well Sandy. Another way is to use a 12" piece of 1/4" all-thread. put a hex nut 1/2" in on the end. Then twist a fender washer alittle and place that on and then another hex nut as a keeper.
I have used both to great success. periodically I burn them off in gas or acetone to clean them back to new.
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