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Sam's HD

Posted by Sandy 
Sam's HD
September 30, 2019 06:00PM
Samuel sent me two photos of his nicely decked 15' foot HD.
My plans don't talk about building a decked version. So he figured that part out on his own.
Nice work!

......it sounds like Samuel is thinking about building a 17' footer now. That will be fun to see.
Re: Sam's HD
October 01, 2019 12:30PM
Simply a beautiful boat. nice Job.

Do Decked boats have a raised floor and scuppers to get rid of water? how do you deal with water?
Re: Sam's HD
October 01, 2019 01:03PM
The way I do it is (surprise surprise) not the traditional way. I'm building a decked boat now. On the Dayak I had no gunwale. The deck spans across from side-to-side at the top edge of the side panels.

There is nothing to drain except the foot-wells, which I minimize in size, so the top of the boat is more like a sit-on-top kayak. Those foot wells do have to drain, one way or another. On the Dayak there is only one such foot-well, for the rower (it is a one man boat). The Dayak foot-well has a 3" inch PVC pipe that goes straight down. That pipe will always have 3 or 4 inches of water in it. But it's almost 6" inches tall. The Dayak drains almost instantly. And there isn't that much to drain as it is.
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