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Fiberglass Layup

Posted by ozarkdrifter 
Fiberglass Layup
October 30, 2019 03:30PM
As I await delivery of products (ordered but slow going), I'm pondering layup. I have 10oz fabric (50" wide) and 6oz tape (6" wide). I had planned for 2 layers inside for bottom and sides, 2 layers outside for side panels, and 4 layers on the bottom. I also plan to coat the bottom with wetlander bottom coating....which I understand bottom coating discussion is it's own very large topic. As I've stated before, 90% of the boat's life will be spent in Class I-II water, though I suppose if I'm building a boat that can row Class III-IV it might as well not just look the part. 10" rocker at the transom and 3/8" sides. Too much glass? Overkill? (that one's obvious, but still worth hearing about) Hope all is well, can't wait to get started!

Re: Fiberglass Layup
October 30, 2019 04:27PM
That's a manly layup. I like it. The only thing I'd change would be to use one layer 10oz on the outside side panel instead of two. I have a 12 year old boat I made with 1/4" inch Meranti Hydrotech side panels, which I glassed with one layer only, with 3.5oz fabric.

I did put a small hole through the side once, which I obviously fixed. I tried to goose the boat up onto a partially submerged trailer by twisting the throttle on my 20hp outboard. A huge gust of wind hit the front of the boat at just the last second and I rammed the sharp corner of the trailer.

Would 3/8" with two layers have survived? Maybe. I built my first boat in 1979. That's the only hole I ever (ever) put in a boat. In all that time. I have never used more than one layer on an outside side panel........although usually 10oz rather than the 3.5oz mentioned above.

I do use 2 layers on the outside (and inside) side panel when making an all Plascore boat. But not with plywood.
Re: Fiberglass Layup
October 30, 2019 05:46PM
Excellent advice thank you. I'd kinda figured that schedule was in the "stout" category but thought there may be some overkill built in there somewhere. Nice to know you haven't poked too many holes in too many boats for all the water miles you've logged out west. Stands to reason I could probably float my docile rivers with far less a boat. Maybe boat number two I'll see how light a boat I can make! Thanks again Sandy.

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