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Old boat pics

Posted by Sandy 
Old boat pics
November 24, 2019 12:31AM
I found this old scan of a 35mm slide taken in 1984. I was guiding John Merwin and his buddy. On the Jefferson. John was the editor of Fly Rod and Reel then I think. Field and Stream maybe. One of those magazines anyway. About an hour after this photo was taken it started to rain and hail so hard we beached the boat, flipped it over and huddled underneath, like it was a bomb shelter. Silver dollar sized hail made it sound like the worlds biggest drum. My ears rang for a week.

This photo shows why the Beavertail was then and still is one of the best fly fishing boats. Even with a guy behind the rower it still trims properly, with the transom slanting up out of the water, so you can still slow it down. And so it still turns on a dime.

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