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Pat Barnes

Posted by Sandy 
Pat Barnes
November 24, 2019 01:12AM
I built a new hot rod computer recently using "gaming machine" components from Newegg.com including about a half a dozen built in hard drives. I have the Linux OS on an ssd drive and four others for data of various kinds. I didn't spend enough money on the graphics card so it's still too slow rendering video. I'll get that fixed eventually. A good graphics card with at least 8 gig on board RAM costs about $500 bucks.

I used to have all my half a zillion images scattered all over the place on external USB drives. Now they're all in one place, with automagic backups every night I leave the machine on.

I found a few scans of old 35mm slides. These two are of Pat Barnes who owned one of the first fly shops in West Yellowstone. Pat and his wife Zig. This was about two or three years before Pat died at age 86. He was still rowing his boat right up until the end.

I think we used his Keith Steele boat that day. We used one of my boats the following year and he was grumpy about it. Here we are the Hardy Rapids on the Missouri. Pat wasn't there more than five minutes and he caught this 18" inch brown, on a Marabou streamer he called a "Scud." Pat explained the word scud was a synonym for a certain kind of fuzzy cloud. And that's what his gray and red streamer looked like. Pat liked being contrary. About fly names and almost everything else.

I have a photo of him with a bent rod fighting that fish. Somewhere. If I can find it I'll add to this thread.

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