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Beefalo Boat

Posted by Sandy 
Beefalo Boat
November 24, 2019 01:28PM
Beefalo Boat

Here's another scanned slide from way back when. Three 200 pounders in an all-fiberglass Buffalo Boat. I had a brief partnership with Bob Pavlic of Mountain Man Industries. We made a mold and Bob made the boats. Bob bought me out of the partnership and made these boats for a few years. And then gave up. He sold quite a few but he had a local audience only. After three or four years all the guys in Bozeman who wanted one had one and his sales slowed down. And Bob moved on to there things.

Mid 1980s sometime.

These boats were made with an end grain balsa core, much the way Plascore is used now. Plascore is a far better core material because it doesn't soak up moisture. In their time these were innovative boats because they were stiff. Unlike most molded boats they didn't oil can and flex. So they were far more maneuverable. And fast and responsive.

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