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Center seating

Posted by DonTyson 
Center seating
December 02, 2019 02:01PM
If I wanted pedestal seating for the oarsman how should it be supported so that there isn't a giant point load in the middle of the floor. What I imagine is an elongated front to back oval to allow the oarsman to shift around a bit fore and aft and also to store 2 or three 12 vt batteries. As a big clumsy oarsman I find it hard to negotiate up and over the seat. It would be nice to just spin around a central seat. Thoughts?
Re: Center seating
December 02, 2019 04:54PM
Sounds good. You could make a form and laminate it out of thin strips. Mount a tractor seat on it.
Re: Center seating
December 02, 2019 05:30PM
how to support the pedestal though? The way it is right now the sole and sides equally divide the load. If I go to pedestal seating and make no additions there would be a significant point load right in the middle of the sole. Remembering that I'm 265 plus and then 2 batteries at 60 ea. Without extra support I'd be fearful of ripping the tabbing along the sides, lengthwise.
Re: Center seating
December 02, 2019 07:32PM
It will hold. I pronounce it.

If you make a square pedestal make a 2-1/2" thick block that fits inside the open bottom of the pedestal.
Make it 1/4" less than the inside measurements.
Glass all sides except the bottom.

Make sure it still fits inside the pedestal. Maybe 1/4" inch less wasn't the right amount.
Glue it to the bottom of the boat with epoxy putty.

Now you plonk the pedestal down onto the block. And bolt it there. If something breaks it won't be the bottom of the boat.
Re: Center seating
December 02, 2019 08:05PM
......and put the batteries into that.

Okay. Once the weather warms.
Re: Center seating
December 09, 2019 03:05PM
You could spread the point load of a pedestal by building it on a piece of plywood and epoxy it to the floor and follow that with laminations of fiberglass cloth overall. You would also gain more stability for your seat.

Rick Newman
Re: Center seating
December 09, 2019 04:31PM
Rick that might be the best option. I had thought that four or five lengthwise stingers traced to the bottom shad and with flooring across them might be nice as it would give a flat floor all around the pedestal but it would hold allot more dirt in the crevices. I hope you can make out the 3 second doodle.

Re: Center seating
December 10, 2019 01:11AM
Yes, I think either one would provide a distributed point load. You could also make it a storage container for your companion's dog food!

Rick N
Re: Center seating
December 10, 2019 01:03PM
Good Idea on the dog food but that pedestal is where the two batteries will go and any electronic grunk. Would've been a nice cooler also.I might also put a bilge put into it.
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