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Appropriate HP

Posted by DonTyson 
Appropriate HP
December 12, 2019 12:46PM
I'm about to have USCG stability test performed on my Buffalo. The motor I'm asking for is 5hp as the max. I wanted everyones opinion on whether that is too much or just right. I also considered going with, if there is such a category, electric only.
For those of you that have been in drift boats with motors what are you thoughts.
Re: Appropriate HP
December 12, 2019 01:50PM
I use a 20hp on a 15' foot boat. At full throttle, which I almost always use, if I lost my grip on the tiller the boat might (might) flip if it suddenly went sideways. So I hold on tight. I also slotted the ends of a 2" inch PVC pipe so it can be slipped on over the throttle handle, and held there by me tightening up a band clamp, with a 1/4" hex driver that never leaves the boat. That way I can steer and work the throttle while still sitting on the rower's seat, from the middle of the boat.

I cannot see them arguing with 5hp. The BB is a 15' footer, with the ends chopped off. You might want to cut a trapezoid chunk out of the upstream transom so the motor can mount lower. And then have some sort of groove/slot way to drop that transom section back into place when not using the motor.

I have rigged my 15' footer with 20hp at the rear and 55lb thrust electric trolling motor at the front. Foot controlled trolling motors don't work. Dories are flat bottomed and way too squirrelly. You need your nand on a trolling motor to make it work. I've never tried a motor on a Buffalo Boat. Don't see why it wouldn't work.
Re: Appropriate HP
December 12, 2019 06:06PM
Good advice. I feel line I’ll never use a gas motor in the BB but am thinking of it as a max hp for this little flat-bottomed displacement hull. I’ll probably invest in a 36 or 55 electric next spring. Have u ever seen stick steering? Nice way to get around the pipe steering issue.
Re: Appropriate HP
December 12, 2019 06:48PM

Re: Appropriate HP
December 12, 2019 07:05PM
I want that
Re: Appropriate HP
December 13, 2019 12:46AM
They're on Ebay for about $200.00.
watch some of the youTube vids. looks awesome. For engines under 40 hp.
Re: Appropriate HP
December 15, 2019 02:05AM

Trolling motor runs on 12volts dc
20hp two stroke runs on 20:1 gas oil mix
oars run on Polish sausage
Re: Appropriate HP
December 16, 2019 02:53PM
Ha ha. I get it.
Re: Appropriate HP
January 01, 2020 08:24PM
Hey Folks,,
I had the survey and once he was done with his calculations he recommended that the state of PA rate the boat for a 3.5hp motor and two fishermen or no motor and three fishermen. He was accommodating and easy to work with. Next step is to get the state to approve it and send me a registration and I expect that to to be pretty strait forward.
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