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Creature features

Posted by Sandy 
Creature features
February 16, 2020 05:14PM
The Creature Craft is interesting. I'd (theoretically) like to try building a (removable, bolt-down) fat foam/fiberglass roll bar over a Dayak. I flipped a Dayak once, at Wire Fence in Desolation Canyon on the Green. It was all about operator error and inexperience. I'm white water late in life and don't in any way qualify as an expert. I did flip it. I had the oars and everything else strapped down properly and didn't lose anything. Whit and Dave Inskeep came to my throw bag rescue, right before entering Three Fords rapid upside down. Whit hit me right between the eyes with the throw bag so hard I almost saw stars. Miraculously I didn't even lose my glasses (I did have a backup pair, somewhere in a dry bag).

I laughed about it. Once we got to shore I drank a beer and then got back on the boat. Dave congratulated me. He said most first flip people go into uncontrollable Tourette's Syndrome "holly shit" screaming after their first flip. I raised my eyebrows smiled a bit and tipped a beer.

If I'd had a fat overhead foam roll bar maybe I'd have flipped twice, with the second flip being from upside down back to right side up again. You could put a roll bar on any decked white water dory. It wouldn't have to be a Dayak. Has anyone (other than the Creature Craft guys) ever done that? Seems like a white water no-brainer to me.


I do want a removable, optional overhead flotation roll bar on my Dayak. And on the big one--the Whale Rider--that I might actually finish this summer.
Re: Creature features
February 17, 2020 02:43PM
Dave and Whit filled me in on the story. Don't try to cheat right at wire fence, big stuff over there.

Creature craft, not sure I like the sound that one. Sounds way to complex. How would you put it up and down to cast.
The dudes that run those things are seriously crazy. Running down the Payette out of McCall ID? I don't even like looking at that water, it makes Lava falls on the Colorado look easy.

Did you hear Dave and Bug will soon be grandpa and grandma?

Now the Russians have fixed the river lottery.
No Yampa permit and no Deso Permit, Damn Russians are interfering with everything.
Re: Creature features
February 17, 2020 03:01PM
Dave told me about Whitney a while back, but said "don't tell nobody yet."
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