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Oar Length

Posted by ozarkdrifter 
Oar Length
March 03, 2020 05:42PM
Final boat length will be about 14' 6", maybe a tad shorter. Bottom about 54", distance between the oar locks roughly 74". Toying with the idea of 9'3" or 9'6" oars instead of the average 9'. I don't any of those lengths are wrong necessarily, just wondering if the added width would lean towards better "balance" with a slightly longer oar. Oarlocks will be placed inside, interrupting the in-wale. Thoughts?
Re: Oar Length
March 03, 2020 07:35PM
I wouldn't use longer than 9' without outrigger oarlocks. You get more horse power but sore arms too,from always pushing down on the handles
Re: Oar Length
March 03, 2020 10:58PM
Much appreciated. Figured it easier to ask someone who's used longer oars than owning some I regretted later! Thanks Sandy as always.
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