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Flies, What to do

Posted by DonTyson 
Flies, What to do
April 12, 2020 05:33PM
Once you take a fly off your tippet what do you do with it? I have experienced a small amount of rust in the fly box. One used fly, a size 22 nymph, rusted so badly it no longer had a point.....junk. Though this is not the norm how do you handle it?

Are you supposed to hook them onto the patches on the outside of your vests and packs.......is that what those fuzzy patches are for?
Re: Flies, What to do
April 12, 2020 07:16PM
Hey Don!

Finally a question I can help YOU with!

Normally when I fish, I carry a small chamois cloth, about 4" square clipped on a retractor to my vest. After changing flies I'll just place the fly in that and give it a quick sqeeze with my thumb and forefinger to remove the excess moisture. Then hook them into the patch on my vest. Mine happens to be rubber but some are the "fuzzy" type you mention. Let's them air dry.

Once back at my rig, I'll put them back in the fly box. Most of the time they're dry by then. If not, maybe the last few you've used, just wait until you get home.

It can also depend on the box you use. Not a fan of metal boxes for flies, because they add to the rust factor. I use two types. Foam boxes or a plastic water-tight. Both have foam inserts to hook the flies into keeping them separated and allow them to fully dry.

Attached a pic of a couple of my boxes. Hope this helps!

Re: Flies, What to do
April 12, 2020 10:58PM
Wow, that sure was helpful.
I'm new to fly fishing and I finally caught my first on in PA. Now to improve my average..........

I will add some dry rag or something to my pack. Don't yet have a vest. I went to buy a vest and my tastes are too expensive. I decided to hold of as Long as my pack lasts. it has fly patches on it and I'll learn to dry them before storage.

It seems Nymphing is the ticket here in PA.
Re: Flies, What to do
April 13, 2020 12:22AM
Great!!! If you have any other questions just holler!
Re: Flies, What to do
April 13, 2020 12:48PM
It's so dry in Montana flies seldom rust. If I stumble and take a swim then I leave the box open for a few hours.
Re: Flies, What to do
April 13, 2020 02:39PM
Yes I stumble also. I once lost my box full of flies that I carry in the field. I found it a week later in the rocks, wet right through, rusty water was swishing around inside. It cleaned up well except for two or three flies that rusted badly. It never dries out here in the spring. Today we have 40-70 mph gusts and heavy rain on and off. What a mess. In the South they're having the same weather plus tornados. Pray for them.
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