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Software update

Posted by Sandy 
Software update
June 03, 2020 11:09PM
Sometime in the next two or three daze I'll update the site sofware. This usually goes without a hitch but you never know.

This will not change the forum but it will be a low-level system change for everything else. The biggest change will be to the "Online Ebook" pages that display the how-to-do-it boat building instructions. Everything there will look and act more like a book with Next Page and Prev Page buttons and with a return to "Last Read" page.

Cool stuff. The Next and Prev Page buttons remember state. There is a table of contents that allows you to jump around to different parts of the book or the website as a whole, without changing the Last Read Page (which only gets set by Next and Prev Page). And then you can return to the "Last Read Page" at anytime you want. Five minutes later or five days later.

Probably this weekend sometime.
Re: Software update
June 06, 2020 12:07AM
The software changes are all installed. I'll keep my eye out for bugs, broken links etc.

let me know if you see something that needs fixing. Use this forum thread or message me with the site's Contact/email button.

The only visible changes are behind the password barrier, in the boat plans and boat building pages, where everything now looks and acts more like an online book.

Been working on this since the covid lockdown started two months ago. Here's a few demo pages I put together, to show how the Next Page and Prev Page buttons works. The Next and Prev buttons save state but the Table of Contents does not. So you can jump around the book using the TOC (table of contents) and then click the Last Read button to go back to where you left off--five minutes later or next week. As you like it.

Re: Software update
June 06, 2020 05:05PM
Sandy, the update seems to work smoothly. My question is, what would happen if you moved the next page to the right hand side in exchange for a left hand side position? It seems more common to look at the right hand side of a "page turner" since it follows how we read.

Rick N
Re: Software update
June 06, 2020 06:16PM
I'll try that Rick.
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