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Finishing Side Panels - help?

Posted by ozarkdrifter 
Finishing Side Panels - help?
June 08, 2020 08:22PM
Have hit a mild snag. Top of side panels and transom remain unglassed (sort of). The "plan" of glassing over the top with 4" cloth tape and resin, then coming back to fit the wooden gunwales which will be oiled - well the glassing has proven an issue. Each side of each side panel is a 90 degree angle. 6 oz cloth doesn't like 90 degree angles. So I've got a very nice air bubble that surrounds the top of each side panel and the transom. My inclination is to sand it all off and slop on a bunch of resin which will then be painted and call it good. If this is an error and there is a better way (without glassing in the gunwales) please lemme know!

Re: Finishing Side Panels - help?
June 08, 2020 11:45PM
Usually the edge of the plywood panel is not glassed, only the faces. Coat the edge with epoxy to saturate the end grain and then varnish or paint.
Re: Finishing Side Panels - help?
June 09, 2020 10:51AM
I've never been able to wrap glass around a sharp plywood edge like a side panel. At the chine you can get glass to work by rounding the edge. But you cannot do that at a side panel edge. You could theoretically cut 1" inch strips of glass and apply it to the top edge, letting the edges run horizontally wild. And then trim those edges a few hours later, with a fresh drywall knife, when the resin is tack free but still rubbery rather than hard. And then lightly sand that a day or two later.

That edge is above the water line. You can also soak it with warm thin resin and then rowel on a second layer of resin thickened with micro-balloons for a paint finish--or for a bright finish use the fine dust sawdust powder you collect from the vacuum bag of a hardwood flooring edger (I used to finish floors for a living). Or the fine powdery saw dust from a small dust collection bag attachment to a random orbit sander.

It's a boat. It will get nicked and gnarled. And it will need a bit of maintenance every season. Sometimes going too far is going too far.
Re: Finishing Side Panels - help?
June 09, 2020 01:21PM
Thanks gents. As soon as I started, I said well this will all get sanded off. My inclinations toward coat it paint it and fish it now have some confidence. The learning curve is a lot faster with help from the forum, so much appreciated.
Re: Finishing Side Panels - help?
June 09, 2020 03:10PM
I like painted hulls trimmed with oiled wooden seats. And gunwales. For a lot of reasons.
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