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Experiments that go wrong -- are usually still good

Posted by Sandy 
Experiments that go wrong -- are usually still good
June 10, 2020 01:15PM
Boat Ramuda

Found this old boat pic last night. The Boat in middle front is interesting. This was my first take on a one man boat. It was only 8' feet long so I made it 38" inches wide on the bottom. Seemed sensible.

It rowed surprisingly well but it was annoyingly tippy. Getting in and out of the boat was a challenge that all too often ended up with me face down in the water. I cut it up with a skill saw with old carbide blade. And dumped it.

That's when the Dayak happened. The Dayak wasn't much longer. But it has a 54" inch bottom. The Dayak is one of the best things I ever made.

In the middle-back is a Sharptail. I don't have plans or dimensions for that boat. I know someone who still has one. Right here in Bozeman. I should go measure that boat up. It was one of my first. I was copying Keith Steele at that point. So the Sharptail wan't symmetrical. It had a wide front and a narrow tail. With two people in the boat, or with two on the front seat steelhead style it was the fastest boat I ever rowed.

With a fly fisherman sitting or standing behind the rower the Sharptail was a butt heavy dog.

The big Blue one was an all Balsa-core Honky Dory. First one I made. I kept that boat for close to 20 years. Plascore is better than end grain balsa core. At least for anything below the water line. Because balsa soaks up moisture and Plascore does not. The balsa HD was made a good 20 years before Plascore existed.
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