resin research 2
June 14, 2020 03:01AM
ok i found it is the link i was very impressed by this
Re: resin research 2
June 14, 2020 01:31PM
.............good link

Adventurous fiberglass warriors motivated by long term impact endurance might want to investigate vacuum-bagging with polypropelene fabric rather than Kevlar. And with various resins too. Like the above.

i'm not going there now. I probably would if I was younger and not already retired. But my boat building days are winding down now. Fastly.
Re: resin research 2
June 14, 2020 11:23PM
yeah i am still planning / hoping to spend a lot of time building once i retire or at least once i get more time at home. i am 65 and run longline fishing boats. so here is a idea i have had for a while. it all started after a conversation with Don Hill. I asked him about all the boats being built with mahogany’ plywood and what he thought about that material. He said while good marine fir was getting hard to find he was still using it on the bottom as it was in his opinion much stronger and tougher. Even so i don’t think it was too many years after that he started using mahogany also. i guess finding decent fir had become impossible. so over the years this is what i came up with. i plan to use two 1/4 inch panels and put a layer of cloth between them wet out with epoxy and vacuum bag. i don’t think vacuum bagging is necessary as just a lot of weight will probably work. maybe sand bags, anyway there are a number of reasons i think this might work well. for one i learned from your site that a reinforcing layer of cloth works better on the topside so in adition to that i think having one in the middle can’t hurt. plus then you will have a six layer panel. i also was planning to buy 4x10 panels which were easy to find and pretty cheap . if i build the don hill 18 footer i have plans for i will need that extra length. i might get sidetracked building a buffalo though as i really like the looks of it, very practical. however i am finding it hard to come up with anyone who carries 4x10 1/4 inch now but i have just looked online and haven’t tried the phone yet. i have two 10 foot prams one is stitch and glue i made the other is a Don Hill p,us a tatman 17.5 high side and a tatman 12 footer. I bought the tatman new in 84 and it has held up pretty good in spite of guiding in the winter and years of running beaver lines down the sauk ,skagit , stilly ect. . except ofcourse for the ace hardware store fasteners. so i don’t need another boat but i do want to try to make a better one. yes i know about your plasticore and will admit you are probably right it is a better choice. sorry for the overly long life story but...hey i’m 65 waiting at home to go back to work and writing this gave me a break from cleaning up my shed. i would like to know what you think of my 2 layered bottom though.
Re: resin research 2
June 15, 2020 12:52AM
Plywood is stronger, stiffer than Plascore, which only works if you put a lot of glass on it. But. It doesn't soak up water. I like your two later bottom idea.
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