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I wonder?

Posted by lhedrick 
I wonder?
June 15, 2020 09:53PM
I know we've both done a bunch with wood flooring and finishing. I have also done lots of tile work over the past 50 years. From industrial style glazed brick to flat tile.

I'm still working away at getting the addition to the house done. Got floors in painted doors on and on. Currently I'm working on the new bath which gets a shower. I put in the liner and poured the motor base for the tile. Next step was to waterproof everything with Regard. I swear you could put 3 coats on a cardboard box and then it would hold water. So I got to wondering if it would be a good river boat patch material. Smack the bottom or side into a rock which breaks the plywood or glass. Paint on a layer of Redgard then put some drywall mesh tape on top then more red guard. It dries fast so an hour later put on another layer do some serious camping, drinking, eating, sit by the fire till midnight etc. Next morning it should be ready to go.

Ever used the stuff?

Re: I wonder?
June 16, 2020 01:59AM
Looks interesting. Is it water base stuff? I've often wondered about water base floor finish. VOC floor finish too for that matter.

The contractors all want a two part polyurethane now. Which sounds much the same as automotive finish for ten times the price, or "marine" polyurethane for 20 times the price.
Re: I wonder?
June 16, 2020 03:28AM
This is thick stuff, like a paste. I brushes out and rolls too. I don't know what the base is. Clean up is with water. Put a brush or roller in water and the stuff dissolves. But, if it cures on the brush, it's never coming off. I guess I need to coat a piece of glassed plywood and then put it into the filter compartment of the hot tub out on the deck and see what happen over a few weeks.

I just diid some floor work with that Bona Mega stuff. I have used that for years. Oxygen cross lined poly so nothing to mix and it cures fast.

Tiile work has change too. For years, tile over concrete was almost guaranteed to crack as some point. Now there are membrane kind of like thin roofing felt. They get stuck down to the concrete with thin set. The tile is bonded with thin set on top of the membrane. I does a great job at isolating tile from concrete movement.

Boats are dry in the garage, have not cast a line since last year. Got to get this house sellable so I can move some place cheap. Salt Lake and Park City have been taken over by those bailing out of CA and as soon as they get here they want to turn it into the CA they left behind.

Might be time to move to the west desert of TX, where I can get 100 acres and start a rattlesnake farm or something.
Re: I wonder?
June 16, 2020 07:12PM
Marfa Texas is a cool place. My daughter and her hubby go there once a year.
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