14' x 54/78 skiff
July 29, 2020 07:51PM
I've built a 14' x 54"/78" stitch and glue skiff. Set up for a rower and angler. The hull is symmetrical, design inspired by a Koffler Rocky Mountain Trout Boat. Side panel is 23.5 inches deep at the center and 19 inches deep at the ends. Both the chine and sheer are convex. About 6 inches of rocker. Side panels are 6mm hydrotech, the bottom is 9mm hydrotech with 6mm hydrotech cold molded to the inside. Gunnels are Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

Almost ready to put it into the water

Re: 14' x 54/78 skiff
July 29, 2020 09:19PM
Nice work. I have one of my old Buffalo Boats, which is vaguely similar, with rotted gunwales. A guy I know had it upside down in his back yard for ten years, with no cover. In the snow. He gave up on it.

I want to cut the sides down a few inches and deck it. A low-sided decked skiff could be a really fun white water play boat.
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