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Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions

Posted by Peter 
Re: Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions
October 04, 2020 10:31PM
Hey Joe! Guess we (boat builders) are spread all over. Even in the south!

Been looking through your posts as well. Nice work on your boat!!!! It's looking great! I also am partial to frame boats, just something about them. Not to say I would never build a stitch & glue, just love the framed ones.

Well, regarding the marine grade. Thought I had that sourced locally. Bad info. But.... I've been able to find 1/2" fir. But no 1/4". No Meranti of marine grade to be had. Yep, I'm in a little pickle myself. I have one more place to check in the AM. Hood Distribution in La Vergne, TN. But so far no luck... My alternative is, my daughter and son-in-law live just outside NYC. We had been talking about visiting them over my wife's fall break (teacher). I did find everything I need about an hour from them. I may have to purchase it up there and haul it back. Talk about a road trip for materials! But if I'm up there already, not such a big deal. Really need the 1/4" to do the side patch and for the new outer chines.

I used West Systems Six 10 for filling the multiple screw holes. And believe me as old as she is she had a bunch! I'm drilling pilot holes for any replacement screws. Coating them with wax. Screwing them in and using Boat Life Life Seal to cap them off. The boat I'm restoring is 40+ years old, so most epoxy, if there was any, has deteriorated or is gone. Every screw and end grain is being sealed in the reconstruction. I had a boat builder here in Tennessee tell me early on, that it would be cheaper and easier to buIld a new boat! Ha, Ha! Not sure about the cheaper, but he was probably right about the easier! Personally, given this opportunity, I'm dedicated to bringing the old girl back to her former glory! She'll still show a little age, but that's what makes her special.

What was you're source in ATL? If the trip falls through I may end up going there.

Yep. This site and the folks here have been amazing!! Particularly Sandy and Rick Newman, and a number of others. If you look back on my earlier posts you can see how much I didn't know! Couldn't have gotten to where I am now without them!!

Back to fly fishing... I'd love to have more leads in the Smokies! I've fished a lot up there. Always up for plying new water! I love fishing the Smokies, as they say, " Trout don't grow in ugly places." Tight lines my friend. Holler if I can do anything for you!

Re: Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions
October 04, 2020 11:49PM
Hey folks,

YES!!! I have finally gotten the new inner chine on the boat! The first piece in the reconstruction. Dang it makes me feel good!

Really interesting to me was steaming the wood to get the proper bend. I bought an Earlex steamer. "Steam in a bag" process. Used 6mil polyethylene. Just bought a roll at local store cut it to length. Rolled then stapled one edge. Placed the steam hose in the middle. Steamed for little over an hour. Removed the bag. Bent it into place. Let it cool. I was surprised how much little recall it had. About 1 1/2" on a 9' length. The method allowed the bend without losing much of the heat prior to the bend. Was extremely pleased!

I thought I had sourced all the marine grade I need locally. As I said above, bad Intel...

That's the only holdup now. Need to get the bottom on if I'm going to glass it, before bad weather sets in. Do not want to do that inside. Not smart.

Anyhow, really getting excited now! She's coming together.

Sandy, Rick, Don and so many others that have contributed to this progress, my heartfelt thanks!!!!

P.S. Guess I really have caught the bug. Talking to my wife earlier tonight about building another small boat after this one, that as the grandkids get older, can learn their skills on... Believe it or not she liked the idea! Yes, I do have an awsome wife...

Re: Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions
October 05, 2020 06:49AM
When you start writing about building another boat you become officially hooked! Sanding and life continue in Spokane. Three to four hours is my physical limit before I can no longer walk. Don't get hit by a lady driving a SAAB doing 55+ while stopped for a flag person! I am excited to get the surface finished so I can prime and paint it. Still have to do work on the inside and the boat furniture! Oh well, keeps me out of Covid friendly places!

Peter I am glad to hear of your successes, pretty soon you will be floating in a boat you repaired for the long term!

Re: Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions
October 05, 2020 04:14PM
The work on your boat looks excellent! This is not your first woodworking rodeo! Keep it up and let us know what your next build will be!

Re: Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions
October 05, 2020 04:54PM
Hey Rick,

Thank you!! I consider that a true compliment coming from you! I've done some work previous to this, but not a boat. THIS has been a blast.

Ouch!!! Those old injuries tend to come back to haunt us. Not much fun. We just have to keep on keeping on. Hope yours doesn't slow you down to much. We just have to pace ourselves more now than we used to. Frustrating at times!

Still searching for the 1/4" marine grade. Again, frustrating. But as you saw I have a backup plan. Wife wasn't all that thrilled about hauling wood back from New York, but I assured her it would be just fine.... Hahaha! Making one more call today.

Post some more pics as you progress. I'm just going to continue my prep while waiting on wood! Supposed to be sunny and cool here all week, so I'll roll her outside to do it.

Take care! Best.

Re: Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions
October 06, 2020 03:07AM
Hey Peter,

My source for the southeast is Southern Crown Boatworks and it's run by a fella named Alan Brady. I was able to get plywood, silicone bronze fasteners and my first gallon of epoxy from him. He got me using MAS system epoxy and i am grateful for that. It's been a great product to work with.

Greenbrier National Park has some great fishing high up. There's some really challenging natives to be found but the landscape alone is worth the trip. That stretch of water holds some really nice fish as it leaves the park and makes its way towards Sevierville. There's plenty of places to park and fish the stream if you got a little mountain goat in you. It's not the easiest stretch to fish but there's some nice ones in there.
Re: Peter-Bottom/Chine work-Questions
October 06, 2020 02:43PM
Hey Joe,

Perfect! Looks like it's a road trip for me. Either to NY (benefit there is an 18 month old granddaughter), or ATL.

I'll try Greenbriar! Never fished it but sounds great! I've still got a little mountain goat left in me!

Thanks again!!!
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