New forum members
August 17, 2020 09:42PM
If you click the "Create New Profile" button at screen top right, in order to become a member of the forum cool. Excellent.

The forum will send you a "confirmation email" containing a link you have to click in order to make your new login work.

That email will almost certainly end up in your SPAM folder. Look there. Open that email and click the confirmation link. Else it won't work.

NOTE: The forum login is separate from any MRBoats Online Plans login. They are two separate systems, two separate passwords.
The forum is free. The Plans still cost 25 bucks.

This part is tits on a bull because spammers don't read.

But anyway.
If your email address comes from China, Russia or Nigeria, or from and a few other such email obfuscation servers, you will not get a login no matter what. I have no prejudice against China but it 20 years of doing this I have yet to receive a legitimate login request from China. Or Russia or Nigeria. So I go with experience.

For all spammers I urge you to consider how ashamed your mother is. Think about it. Her own son is a thief. She cries every night just thinking about you. You can make her love you again. Kill yourself now. Your mother will be proud of you.

I know you've been thinking about it. Don't wait. Do it now. Your mother will love you again.
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