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Just like me

Posted by Sandy 
Just like me
October 11, 2020 09:45PM
NOTE: This is an experimental boat built on top of a male plug or form. The online boat plans for the Beavertail, Honky Dory and Buffalot Boat are not built this way.

Fiberglass bottom ... on the form

Wooden sides

This is an experimental building technique. It might not even work. Although I suspect it will.
The side panels will bolt through the fiberglass six inches up from the chine and also through a 1-1/2" inch by 1/8" inch aluminum strip on the inside, so it can all be cinched up tight without collapsing the honeycomb core fiberglass. All that over an extra-thick bead of Marine Grade Silicone. Dowsil 795.

This will be a decked big water / white water boat. Bulkhead partitions under the deck will further stiffen and strengthen the side panel to bottom panel bonding. Nothing will be glued. All parts bolt on or screw together over Dowsil 795. So any and all major parts of the boat can be replaced. That's the idea anyway.

Separating parts bonded with Dowsil 795 isn't easy but it's possible--unlike parts bonded with 3M 5200, which is permanently permanent.

We'll see. It will float. But will it leak? There is always a way.
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