Skill saw miter guage
October 20, 2020 04:21PM
Handy tool

When you put fiberglass over plywood and then paint you don't have to be much of a woodworker. Everything gets buried under glass. But I'm building a boat with a fiberglass shoe or bottom and all (or mostly) wooden top. Why am I building that way? I'm just trying to keep it interesting. After building anything twice I'm ready for something new.

All of a sudden I have to rediscover my woodworking skills.
A brand new finish blade in the skillsaw helps a lot. So does a cutting guide for the saw.

For plywood marking the cut line with a sharp pencil helps visualize what your'e doing. Scoring that pencil line lightly with a sheetrock knife helps to keep the finish veneer from splintering.

This one is built onto a "saw protractor" so it extends almost 4' feet insead of 16" inches.
Been using it a lot. Handy for cutting out the angled sides of transom pieces. I'm using two pieces of 1/2" inch plywood for the transom, with some more edge trim on the inside so the top edge of the transom will be 1-1/2" inches thick. Your eye sees those joints almost right away. They have to be gnat's ass or you're in trouble.

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