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Fasten it all together comes next

Posted by Sandy 
Fasten it all together comes next
November 03, 2020 07:49PM
....this is an experimental building method, fwiw. This is not how or what the standard MRB Plans suggest.

This is an all fiberglass shoe attached to a wooden top with stainless steel fasteners, aluminum strips and Dowsil 795, which is "marine grade" silicone. It's all positioned properly now. Next step is to caulk and fasten it all together.

18' foot side panels. 66" inch bottom. 30 degree side flare--without too much rocker. Moderate rocker in the middle. Steeply upwards at the ends. It will be decked. I hope to have a sliding "rowing skull style" rower's seat too. We'll see. I have to figure that one out yet.

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