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A little progress

Posted by Sandy 
A little progress
November 20, 2020 01:11AM
Got the sides bolted onto the fiberglass bottom today.
Will be ready to roll it over soon. And then to make the bulkheads and deck.

The normal way to do something like this would have been to permanently fiberglass the wooden side panels to the all fiberglass bottom. I wanted to try making removable sides that bolt on over a thick bead of marine slicone. Dowsil 795.

I realize now the fiberglass bottom was tits on a bull and way too much work. If you can remove the sides or the bottom and replace them, if they get damaged, then there is no reason not to keep it simple. And use a plywood no-glass bottom. Wear it out in five years and replace it.

Now I want to make an all wooden boat with screws bolts and caulk--and almost no glue at all--where any and all pieces can be replaced. Easily. At any time. Like an erector set boat.

Re: A little progress
November 20, 2020 03:46PM
The boat above needed aluminum strips inside and out, to help bolt the plywood onto the fiberglass bottom. It the bottom was 1/2" inch plywood the two could be joined with caulk and screws fastening to an extra-thick and tall chine strip.

How would you bend a thick chine strip to conform to the chine line? Make it a glue lamination of 1/4" inch strips. I've been making gunwales that way for a long time. Using Titebond III glue visqueen and a lot of clamps.
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