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Posted by Sandy 
January 05, 2021 11:57PM
I added a new "Sticky" post at the top of the topic list: Glue Laminated Gunwales.

It's worth a look. This shows how I made a pile of thin strips, all to glue together as one (or as two) to make two laminated gunwales. With glue lams you can make a gunwale as thick as you want. And it's a lot easier than steaming. Stronger too.

Re: Glue-lams
January 07, 2021 11:00PM
Here the glue-lam strips are cut to length and roughed in--without glue.
I'll take them off one by one and label them with a sharpie pen. Spread a bunch of glue and put them back on, two or three strips at a time, until they're all there. Tweak it a little and clamp it up.

I've been building boats for so long I must have 100lbs of C-clamps. Hell more than that.
1-1/2" inch thick by 2" inches high, made of ash, is a hell of stiff strong stout gunwale.

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