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Bass kayak contest

Posted by Sandy 
Bass kayak contest
March 06, 2021 02:51PM

Somebody needs to make a home made bass kayak. These are the opposite of white water play boats. They need to be stable. The manufactured ones they're selling are expensive. And way too narrow. The word "kayak" carries expectations new designers aren't brave enough to mess with. Wider would be better. I declare it so.

You could use big slabs of styrofoam. Glue them together and shape them with the biggest Sureform file you can find. Like a surfboard. Glass it up.

Or work with plywood forming outlines and strips of (cheap) plywood. Glass it up. Cut a horizontal middle dividing line. Take the top off. Remove the formers. Put it back together and glass that seam...........or make the top bolt to the bottom somehow.

Build one skin on frame. The (genius) skin on frame guy (Cape Falcon) makes canoes and kayaks that weigh nothing. He hasn't made a bass kayak yet. It could be done.

....I envision something like a Dayak a bit narrower and a bit longer. You might need a rudder. The Dayak doesn't motor well. The Dayak is meant for moving water. A bass kayak is meant for still water. The Dayak has no keel so it is too directionless for a trolling motor. A bass kayak should be just barely narrow enough to paddle with an an extra-wide kayak paddle. Or be so wide it has to be oared. But it also has to work with an electric trolling motor. You can't stand up in any bass kayak yet made. I can stand on a Dayak. I do it all the time.

The prize is a million virtual dollars. Awarded to the winner by me. What is a virtual dollar? Ah well. I'll figure that out on the fly.
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