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Posted by Sandy 
March 25, 2021 02:08PM
I'm getting ahead of myself. I have a several years old wood/fiberglass project still far from finished. I've been hammered with Long Covid for a year now and not much has happened. But I had my second shot two days ago and my energy is returning. Quickly. Or so it seems. I'm not sure that makes any sense but so it is.

After this boat is done the next one will have an aluminum hull. Common arguments against aluminum are:

1) not wood
2) noisy
3) cold to the touch
4) heavy
5) sticks to the bottom in shallow riffles

All of the above is true but most of it matters only in a fishing context. Noisy and sticks to the bottom only matters during low-water fishing trips. In a flood conditions white water context they're not much concern. Cold to the touch can be fixed with Paco pads. Heavy can be fixed by building aluminum hull only, with all other parts wood-fiberglass or Plascore-fiberglass. Not wood I don't care about. I love wood. But I have nothing per se against aluminum at all. At least not for a decked white water boat.

Aguments in favor include:
1) indestructible
2) almost no maintenance. Ever.

That's all I need to know. I have three fishing boats in my driveway. Now I want an (indestructible) white water boat.

This is a boat a professional sheet metal guy built, using my plans. Where ever the plans said plywood he substituted aluminum sheeting. And it worked. I already know how to weld. I sold my metal working stuff a long time ago. I just have to buy it again. This time I'll get a mig welder instead of a buzz box stick welder.

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