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Bulkheads roughed-in

Posted by Sandy 
Bulkheads roughed-in
April 22, 2021 09:15PM
Bulkheads Roughed In

I haven't been in the shop much last two weeks. I finally got the bulkheads roughed in.

Nothing gets glued in this experimental boat. It all goes together with caulk and Torx screws so anything and everything can be replaced or remodelled. At any time.

Bulkheads help hold up the deck and in case of a puncture they limit water access to one section of the boat only, so you can row slowly home for repairs if you do smash into a rebar or cave in the front end of the boat. They aren't structural. I'm using 3/8" rough sawn siding plywood--largely because I had some.

The bulkheads will caulk and screw to wooden cleats on the inside sides, and to strips of Miratec fascia board glued to the (fiberglass) inside bottom. Miratec doesn't soak up moisture so it works well for non-structural cleats--that do get glued to the fiberglass boattom shoe.
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