Skin on frame dory
April 23, 2021 11:01PM
Somebody needs to build a skin on frame dory. The key I think would be to make an extra stout chine strip by making it a gluelam. 1-1/4" inch thick by 4" inches tall white oak, perhaps with some grooves in it so cross pieces forming the sides and bottom could be tied in, Inuit kayak style. The bottom might need a middle runner. Some stuff has to get worked out on the fly.

Skin it with 20oz heat shrink fabric. Once done you could use contact cement to paste some long thin strips of Kevlar over the chine. You could make a 15' or 16' foot decked dory that weighs 100 pounds.

If I was younger I'd be all fired up about this idea. I'm a year into it and still moving slowly with long Covid. It didn't kill me but it sure did slow me down. For now and for the near future anyway. It will likely take me all summer to finish up my current project. Me building skin on frame? Maybe. But not anytime soon.

Somebody needs to do this. This is low-hanging fruit. Be the first.
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