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More low-hanging fruit: a wider SUP board

Posted by Sandy 
More low-hanging fruit: a wider SUP board
May 07, 2021 08:38PM
I mentioned the idea of Skin on Frame white water dory in another post. Somebody needs to build that beast. I know it could be done and I know (or think) it would be a cool boat. Ultra light for one.

Another ripe low-hanging fruit it the first really good SUP board. SUP boards got their start as a river-running version of a surf board. Zillions have now been sold and they're all still just surf boards. Youtube is over populated with videos of people falling off SUP boards in roilly river water.

They're easy to build. You can watch a DIY surf board video to see how to do it. Carve a shape out of styrofoam. Glue chuncks of styrofoam together as needed and then shape it by hand with an extra big Sureform File. Then glass it up. Glue on some foot covers, buy and extra long kayak paddle and away you go. Probably arse over tea kettle too.

For rivers SUP boards need to be wider. Nobody has done it yet. Be the first. I'm old and have too many unfinished projects as it is. Somebody needs to do this.
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