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Fast foam boat

Posted by Sandy 
Fast foam boat
July 15, 2021 09:18PM
I've posted a few low hanging fruit ideas. So far nobody has bitten. One such idea is a wider SUP board. Carve it out of styrofoam. Shape it with a Sureform file. Glass it up. Wider is better. Riders fall of SUP boards constantly. Make it twice as wide and you'd never fall off. It would still paddle just fine. You could make one for a hundred bucks.

Another is a dory made with foundation foam, one layer of glass and then sprayed with hot truck bed liner. LineX for instance.

Foundation foam is cheap and fast. You do have to lightly gently rough it up with 220 sand paper to get epoxy to adhere No big deal. You can glue it together at the edges with "foam adhesive" dispensed with a caulking gun.

Or use Plascore instead of foundation foam.

I used to get good ideas and think "I'll do that eventually."

But I'm 72 now almost 73. I haven't got time to do it all. I want one of those SUP boards. You could make a two person low sided decked Buffalo Boat with foam boarding (or Plascore) glass and truckbed liner for 500 bucks. It would extra light. Durable. Fast. And unique. Ain't nobody done it yet.
Re: Fast foam boat
August 17, 2021 02:45PM
Interesting. Would big box foam insulation board that is glassed both sides be strong enough for whitewater? I saw that Flyer boat that was made with canvas and wood glue over it, but seems it's mostly for flat water.

The geofoam with glass and spray bedliner sounds pretty bomber. Would have to give up some storage space but I'm thinking could still find room for a couple of "hatches". Would you spray the whole boat in bedliner or just the bottom up to about water line?
Re: Fast foam boat
August 17, 2021 06:59PM
Good questions. I don't really know. A guy could substitute Plascore for the foam but then the price goes up. I have used blue and pink foundation foam for seat slabs in the past. I gave them a wooden perimeter, rounded it off and then glassed it up.

Foundation foam has a slick smooth surface coating epoxy does not adhere to well. But it works just fine if you gently sand the foam first with 220 paper. And then glass it up.

The guys in these Thailand fast boat photos are using regular styrofoam which has little strength. But it is the core material for a zillion surf boards.
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