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Posted by Sandy 
August 26, 2021 11:25PM
The first scarfer is a 7-1/4" inch worm drive mounted on some particle board.
To scarf cut the end of a sheet of plywood I put the plywood on saw horses and then clamp on a straight edge. And then move the saw tight to the straight edge.
A 7-1/4" blade barely cuts all the way through 3/8" inch plywood.

I need to scarf some smaller pieces of 1/2" plywood (roughly 16" inches by 24" inches) so I hacked an old 8-/14" inch worm drive so it can hold a ten inch blade.
To scarf those smaller pieces of plywood I fixed the saw flat on its side, and then move the plywood over the saw instead of the other way around.

7-1/4" inch blade

10" inch blade I cut the old blade guard off to make room for the big blade (hacked other stuff too) and then rebuilt the blade guard with plywood.

Re: scarfing
August 27, 2021 03:10AM
The easy way to scarf is to buy the West System attachment you bolt onto the bottom of almost any saw/

The homemade one attached to particle board is heavier. Vibrates less. Cuts smoother.
Re: scarfing
August 29, 2021 08:45PM
Yes, West Systems is ~ 90 minutes from my home. They still sell these tools.
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