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Now we're talking old boat

Posted by Sandy 
Now we're talking old boat
August 30, 2021 09:30PM
Stumbled across this photo this morning. This is a framed boat I built for Dan Delekta of the Beartooth Fly Shop. I started building "ribless boats" (stitch and glue) in 1983 so this had to be built in '81 or '82.

Dan guided out of this boat, on the Madison, for about a decade before giving up on it. It's a planter in front of his shop now. Dan still says it was the best rowing boat he's ever oared.

The first rear mounted knee brace I saw was on a Lavro at the old Beaverpond Sports Center in Bozeman. I knew a good idea when I saw it so I came up with what you see here. This one doesn't have a recreational beverage holder. Many I built did.

The front deck on this one is closer to the front end than most Oregon style drift boats and it's deep. The front end on this boat was a stripping basket meant to keep you from constantly stepping on loose fly line. It works well. I still build that way. For fishing boats anyway.
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